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Delmar Safety will be your trustable partner all your Safety needs globally.

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Welcome to Delmar Safety

Delmar Safety is suppliers of a wide range of fire&safety equipments, environmental equipment, nautical equipments, signs and personal protective equipment since 2005 at Istanbul where the continents meet.

Here at Delmar Safety, we also provide safety related services such as on board surveys for your operated vessels and for your new buildings as well. Our on board surveyors evaluate the compliances of vessels with safety requirements and therefore able to recommend any appropriate solutions for you. This service can help our customers to assist to be complied with related international rules.

At Delmar Safety, we aim to provide every customer with a service with quality products and competitive prices. You will find our staff friendly, helpful and pleased to answer any questions you have about our products and serviced on our website. If you don’t find what you are looking for on this website, please call our sales team and they will do their very best to find it for you.

Safety First and we care your safety instead of you as a primary mission.

This statement is more than a slogan. For us, it!s a commitment to our customers. Our customers can look to us for the best. It means, we will respect our customers as individuals and treat them in a manner we would like to be treated. And it means we will do our jobs well.


DELMAR was founded in TURKEY (Istanbul).


The second service station founded in TURKEY (Izmir).


The first service station founded in EU (Rotterdam).


Delmar started production of MED approved products in TURKEY.


Delmar started production of MED approved products in Rotterdam.


The first service station founded in USA (Houston)


The first service station founded in ASIA (Singapore)

Delmar started production of MED approved products in Houston


The second service station founded in EU (Napples)

The second service station founded in ASIA (Shanghai)


Second service station founded in USA (New Orleans)


Delmar started production of MED approved products in New Orleans


New service stations founded in USA (Philedelphia and Portland)


Delmar started production of MED approved products in Philedelphia and Portland


New Service station founded in EU (France)


New service station founded in Turkey (Yalova)


Delmar Safety is committed to the highest standard of business ethics and integrity.  We see our reputation as one of our most valued assets, therefore it must be developed and protected.


Our vision at Delmar Safety is to Improve Safety at Sea.  Our goal is to provide you with the highest quality service and products for all of your life saving equipment needs.


In order to maintain the trusted and respectable reputation of our company both in the sector it provides service and before its customers to raise its preferability and ensure its operation in other areas of maritime sector and life safety sector, and to make it a leader company by being one of the trusted and respectable companies in this sector;

  • Understanding the request and needs of our customers, and providing the conditions stated in the standards and regulations in order to meet these wants and needs,
  • Keeping honesty, mutual trust and business co-operation in all our relationships, including our customers and suppliers,
  • Determining the risks and opportunities that affect the suitability of our services and products, ensuring that customer satisfaction is continually increased,
  • Raising our knowledge level by giving importance to research and training and sharing this knowledge with our employees and customers,
  • Seeing the team spirit and team work as a fundamental part of our company culture,
  • Contributing to company goal and strategies and embracing them,
  • Giving importance to in-house information flow and coordination,

It forms the basic principles of quality understanding of our institution. It is the duty of all DELMAR employees to adhere to these principles and to always develop quality understanding in order to comply with the requirements of a quality system consistent with national and international standards and legislation, to continuously improve and maintain.


We service all types of safety equipment, including lifesaving appliances and fire-fighting equipment, with our well trained staff and high quality products.

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Think globally, act locally.

Delmar Safety is your safety partner, through its local offices around the world.

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