Quality Services

We service all types of safety equipment, including lifesaving appliances and fire-fighting equipment, with our well trained staff and high quality products.

LSA Services

Delmar Safety is your reliable authorised partner for the maintenance and servicing of your life-saving equipment such as fully enclosed lifeboats, free-fall lifeboats, rescue boats, release mechanisms and launching appliances in accordance with MSC.402 (96.).

Our well-trained technicians (by manufacturer and/or trained according to ISO PAS 23678) are available to you worldwide.

We ensure that all work is always carried out in accordance with the latest applicable regulations of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), flag state administrations and recognised organisations.

Life Boat & Davit Servicing

Life Boat and Davit Services

Fig. 01 - Life Boat and Davit Services.

Life Raft Servicing

CSM (Shangai Star Rubber)
Life Raft Servicing

Fig. 02 - Life Raft Servicing.

FFE Services

Delmar Safety offers periodic tests and maintenance of portable fire extinguishers and fixed fire systems, including hydrostatic testing, refilling and recharging.

Delmar Safety Character in Suit
Portable Fire Extinguishers
Fixed CO2 Systems
Fixed Foam System
Fİxed Dry Chemical Powder Systems
S.C. Breathing Aparatus (SCBA)
Emergency Escape Breating Devices (EEBD)
Foam Compaund Test
Fized Fire Detection & Alarm Systems
Fireman Outfit
Fire Stations
Fire Training, Counseling, Planing
Portable Gas Dedection & Measuring Eq.
Medical Chest
Medical Oxygen Cylinders & Regulations

Certification done right!

We are following up and saving, all details about safety related matters for your vessel by our unique software, HUBITAT.

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