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This website belongs to Delmar Safety, and it controls every right for organization, usage and disposal. Before using the website, please carefully read the terms of service.

1. Delmar Safety controls the rights to every kind of organization, usage and disposal, and you are deemed to have accepted the terms of service and agreement upon entering and using the website. Delmar Safety reserves the rights to change the current terms and any information on the website and on the website extensions including the agreement terms, without previous notice. The changes put into service when broadcasted through the website.

2. Any disputes that arise as a result of entering or using this website shall be subjected to the Turkish Law and the Courts of Istanbul have the sole judicial authority in resolving the disputes. Delmar Safety reserves the rights to sue an act against the user in his/her country.

3. Delmar Safety always checks the accuracy and actuality of the current information on the website. However, the information on the website may remain back from the practical changes despite of all careful works. The material and information you will find on the website of Delmar Safety are the information of the time when are broadcasted on the website, so there may be differences between the actual state of the relevant service and its state stated on the website. We do not grant explicit or implicit warranty for the actuality, accuracy, conditions, terms, quality, performance, marketability of the information on the website or if it is relevant for any specific aim including but not limited to the other information, service, or its effects on the other products and their integrity in relation or not to those found on the website of Delmar Safety.

The Rights to Make Changes on The Web Page

Delmar Safety reserves the rights to make changes in every kind of service, product, terms of service of the website and and the information presented on the website and website extension; to reorganize the website and cease broadcasting without any previous notice. The changes put into service as soon as they are broadcasted on the website. Upon using or entering the website, the said changes are deemed to have been accepted by the users. These terms are also binding for other pages for which links are given.

Delmar Safety does not accept any responsibility about the events such as cease of the operation, error, omission, cease, erase, loss, delay in the operation or communication, computer virus, communication error, thief, destruction or entering, changing or using the records without permission occurred as a result of the agreement violation, unfair act, ignorance or other reasons.

Providing Links to The Websites

It is possible to give links to other websites. and Delmar Safety does not warrant the accuracy of the information provided on other websites. Some of those pages belong to the other institutions apart from Delmar Safety and they are organized by them and their terms of services of the website shall be valid when the users use their websites. Delmar Safety does not bear any responsibility about use of those pages and relevant services and does not make any advises about them. Any damages may arise from using those websites shall be at the risk of the users. Delmar Safety may subject the access to those links to a written contract as well as may cease accessing to the websites it considers not relevant.

Limitation of Liability

Delmar Safety is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages may arise from contract violation, unfair act or any other reasons as a result of entering or using the website or the information or other data or programs and etc. on the website. Delmar Safety does not undertake any responsibility for cease in the operation, error, omission, and cease as a result of contract violation, unfair act, omission or any other reasons. By using/visiting this website or other websites for which links are given, the users have been deemed to accept to keep Kaçmaz Group harmless from any responsibilities, every kind of claim for damages or any claims including the court expenses and other expenses may arise from use/visit of the websites.


We service all types of safety equipment, including lifesaving appliances and fire-fighting equipment, with our well trained staff and high quality products.

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